Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

In the pursuit of excellence and with a motto of “To create Leaders of Tomorrow”, our vision at Sri Bhavishyaa, is to achieve highest standards in education by empowering our students to be self-directed life-long learners, be astute decision makers and find novel solutions by thinking critically, work in collaboration and communicate with an impactful expression; overall leading to responsible, caring, compassionate and contributing citizens working towards the progress, prosperity and peace of the society at large.

Our Mission :

“Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive international education in a culturally rich environment, preparing students to engage effectively in an ever-changing world.”






Resilience and Respect.


Sri Bhavishyaa School is Committed :

  • To provide an educational program that develops students’ curiosity and
  • To develop responsible and engaged learners.
  • To foster tolerance, respect and acceptance of others.
  • To build each student’s resilience and self-esteem.
  • To provide a curriculum that is rich and relevant and allows all students to reach their potential.
  • To promote a strong, supportive partnership between home and the school and the wider community.
  • To have high expectations of ourselves and others.
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